9 Customer Marketing Managed Service Providers to Advance Your Advocacy Program

With customer marketing on the rise, it’s time to reevaluate your marketing strategies. Check out these customer advocacy focused agencies today.

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard that customer marketing is on the rise as the latest and most powerful way to reach your target audience and boost business. But why is this? After all, relying on your usual methods of social media and email marketing has worked fine thus far. Well, here’s the catch: the cost of digital marketing is rising 5x faster than inflation. 🤯 Your digital marketing budget simply isn’t going as far as it used to! 

Customer marketing allows you to mobilize your happy existing customers into advocates for your brand. When 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations, harnessing the power of customer marketing and advocacy doesn’t just trim down your marketing budget… it effectively generates leads and pulls in new prospects. It’s time to assess your current marketing programs and consider new strategies. 🚀A customer marketing managed services provider or consulting firm can help you revitalize your customer marketing and advocacy programs. Below, we’re highlighting some of the most influential customer advocacy and marketing agencies of today:

Porter Consulting

A firm that works with big-name clients like Red Hat, HP, Dell, and more, Porter Consulting specializes in large-scale marketing services. From content creation to sales enablement and more, Porter Consulting turbo-charges customer marketing with customer reference and advocacy services, helping turn dedicated customers into vocal advocates for your business. Dive into more of Porter Consulting’s incredible work here


At Accenture, customer marketing is just one cog in a vast machine of consulting services. Although only a single item on Accenture’s vast menu (via their acquisition of Yesler), their customer marketing excels at pushing your business to the forefront of your industry (and it doesn’t hurt that they can help out in more than just marketing). Uncover the value of Accenture consulting on G2

G2 Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Big Sky Communications

Big Sky Communications focuses exclusively on customer advocacy marketing, with highly specialized services to help build your business’ customer advocacy program from the ground up. Big Sky has found success among big-name clients (Adobe, Coursera, and Google, to name a few), and brings this expertise to every customer advocacy program they build. See more of Big Sky Communications’ work here


Through customer advocacy programs, training, and content creation, Referential can turbo-charge your customer marketing efforts. By allowing clients to pick and choose which services are needed most, Referential ensures that your business is getting what it needs, when it needs it. Check out the different services Referential offers and how they can help your business grow here


Wings4U focuses on building revenue growth through content creation. Wings specializes in large enterprise customers with a strong focus on international/regional customer marketing programs. With content that supports customer advocacy, Wings4U harnesses the voice of the customer (VOC) and turns it into powerful collateral to pull in new consumers. Learn more about the power of VOC in marketing with Wing4U here


At MRM, they focus on creating data-driven marketing strategies to help turn your positive customer experiences into healthy, growing client relationships. By harnessing the power of data insights, MRM can create better experiences specifically tailored to your buyers. Discover the power of data-driven marketing with MRM here


A highly specialized agency focused on telling powerful customer stories through writing, video, design and more, inEvidence believes that positive customer testimonials make the most effective marketing. As a global agency, inEvidence can deliver expert customer marketing in any language and on any platform around the world. Dive into inEvidence’s global customer marketing campaigns here

Captivate Collective

Captivate Collective, as an agency, emphasizes a thoughtful approach to customer marketing and advocacy by treating each individual customer as a person rather than a persona on a page. With a dedication to mobilizing customers into advocates, Captivate Collective can accelerate your customer marketing efforts and drive revenue. Check out the power of Captivate Collective’s work here

Advocacy Maven

As an advocacy marketing agency, Advocacy Maven focuses on growing your brand and its influence through word-of-mouth and positive customer experiences. With services ranging from stakeholder mapping to community management and content creation, Advocacy Maven can mobilize your audience at every opportunity to create a thriving customer advocacy program. Learn more about Advocacy Maven here.

Final Thoughts

Customer marketing and advocacy isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, it’s only growing! Get ahead of your competition by revamping your marketing strategies to engage your audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey, turning happy customers into vocal advocates for your brand. Who knows? Maybe one of the above managed service providers or consulting firms can help bring your advocacy program to market. 😉

Discover more exciting businesses in the consumer marketing space and download our Customer Marketing Technology Landscape, co-created with Captivate Collective.

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