Take your Customer Marketing to the Next Level With These 9 Customer Testimonial Video Platforms

Check out 9 of the best customer testimonial video platforms and discover which is perfect for your organization.

Customer marketers need to create a range of content for different channels - some digital, some text based, some video. Having diverse content in different formats keeps marketing fresh, and different prospects like to consume content in different ways.

Video is an engaging and authentic form of customer testimonial content. Traditionally, customer videos have been expensive to produce and required a lot of fancy equipment. Covid opened up the playbook for marketers, and accelerated the transition to quick, informal videos taken over laptops and cellphones.

With this shift, there’s been a slew of new vendors in the quick/cost-effective “selfie” video space. That said, there’s still a need for well-produced professional videos. In this post, we’ll look at video vendors across that spectrum.

Customer testimonial videos


Laudable brings customer testimonials and success stories to life with video, providing sales and marketing with trustworthy collateral. With 4k quality footage and automation to identify customers at opportune moments throughout their journey, Laudable provides businesses with the customer video testimonials they need to increase conversions and drive sales. Check out Laudable’s website for more information.

Vocal Video

Vocal Video automatically collects, edits, publishes, and hosts video testimonials, making it an all-in-one customer testimonial video platform. Trusted by the likes of Google, Wayfair, and Pfizer, Vocal Video enables any business to have a professionally created video testimonial on their website or social media pages. By sending a link to customers, they can create their testimonial on their own time while Vocal Video’s software handles the editing. Check out Vocal Video’s resources library to see what you can create with them.


VideoAsk helps businesses build stronger relationships with their customers through interactive video conversations. By posting a video prompt of your own, your customers can record their own video testimonial in response. You can send pre-recorded questions directly to customers as well, allowing them to send a response and continue the conversation. VideoAsk adds a human touch in an increasingly digital industry, allowing businesses and customers to connect on a more personal level. Check out VideoAsk on G2.

G2 Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Vouch makes collecting customer video testimonials a breeze with one single link. By simplifying the video testimonial process, Vouch enables marketers to send customers their questions, who will then send video responses in return. Once you finish editing your video on vouch, you can easily share it via a link, embed code, or an integration. For more information on Vouch, check them out on G2.


Bonjoro can help your organization stand out from competitors by sending testimonial videos to both potential and existing customers on your behalf. Delivered right to their email, these videos allow your business to showcase your personality to your clients, old and new. Bonjoro enables marketers to engage with their clients on both a business and a human level. The added human touch that Bonjoro provides sets it apart from other customer testimonial video platforms. To see what customers have to say about Bonjoro, check out their G2 profile.

G2 Score: 4.7 out of 5 stars


ShoutOut scales the production of customer testimonial videos, helping enterprises effortlessly capture and collect success stories and reviews. With automated video production and easy sharing, ShoutOut enables marketers to create compelling video testimonials with custom branding (and even captions!). Each video testimonial is crowdsourced, meaning that the customers themselves recorded their video and sent it back to the business. Learn more about ShoutOut by reading reviews on their G2 profile.


Leverage the power of video with TeraLeap to increase engagement, drive sales, and build trust with customer stories. These stories allow existing customers to share their positive experiences in video testimonials, which can influence potential buyers' purchasing decisions. TeraLeap’s video testimonials add authenticity and increase trust in your brand. With these videos, buyers will see the efficacy of your product and want to learn more. For more information, check out some of TeraLeap’s customer stories.

Testimonial Hero

With Testimonial Hero, B2B companies can create customer testimonial videos easily and use them to speed up the buyer's journey and build trust with customers. Testimonial Hero puts customer voices at center stage and allows marketers to produce high-quality videos at scale. With a quick turnaround time, the video testimonial process is frictionless from start to finish. To learn more, check Testimonial Hero out on G2.

G2 Score: 4.9 out of 5 stars

Gather Voices

Gather Voices enables companies to co-create videos with their community, allowing them to engage existing and potential customers anytime and anywhere. By making video production scalable, Gather Voices enables employees, customers, fans, prospects and more to have their voices heard and share their stories. With co-creation, businesses get video testimonials from a larger slice of their customer base. Check out Gather Voices’s blog for more information.

Final Thoughts

By using customer testimonial videos to showcase real customer experiences with your business, buyers will see current customers’ loyalty, which can help them recognize that your brand is something they want to be a part of. Existing customers, on the other hand, will feel valued and heard by providing testimonials. With so many customer testimonial video platforms out there, we know it’s hard to choose which one is right for your company. But with these 9 platforms, there’s no doubt that you will definitely step up your content game. 🔥

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