An Exploration of the Customer Marketing Technology Landscape in 2022/23

In collaboration with Captivate Collective, we categorized all vendors in the customer marketing/advocacy ecosystem in a customer marketing landscape.

The field of customer marketing is growing in importance, and with this growth comes innovation. According to LinkedIn, customer marketing is the #3 fastest growing job in the United States. As a result, we’ve seen lots of new products and technology catering to the customer marketer pop up in the last several years. While this is great, it’s difficult to make sense of which products do what and how they overlap, complement or compete.

That’s why the UserEvidence team, inspired by Scott Brinker’s Martech Map and in collaboration with Captivate Collective, wanted to capture and categorize all of the vendors in the customer marketing/advocacy ecosystem. And so, (drumroll please 🥁) we have created the Customer Marketing Technology Landscape (the #AdvoStack, if you will) to make navigating the world of customer marketing technology a bit easier. Take a look below! 👀

In future posts - we will zoom in on each category and take a closer look at how the vendors stack up vs each other. These posts will be informed by a survey of customer marketers asking what technologies they are using. If you’d like to participate, you can share insight on your #AdvoStack by taking the survey here.  We’ll share a selection of #AdvoStacks from leading tech companies along the way so you can see how your peers have architected their stacks. 

Customer marketing tech landscape 2022/2023

Download the Customer Marketing Technology Landscape

In this landscape, you'll discover:

  • The nine categories of customer marketing technology
  • Which category the 60+ vendors identify most with
  • A deeper understanding of which customer marketing technologies will suit your business needs best

Download the full landscape


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