2 Customer Content Generation Platforms That Will Modernize Your Customer Marketing Strategy

Learn about two of the best customer content generation platforms and discover how they help businesses convert leads and drive revenue.

Tactical content creation might not be the sexiest part of a customer marketer’s job, but it’s hugely important. According to an April 2022 study done by Uplift Content, case studies are still, by a big margin, the most effective form of marketing strategy (47% of respondents said it was the most effective, with the next best, SEO, at 29%).

But creating content from happy customers can be incredibly time-consuming and resource intensive. Customer marketers often have to go through CSMs or salespeople to find willing customers, schedule interviews, arrange recording, go back and forth on the copy, get legal and PR approvals, and then have a designer turn the story into digestible content.

The end result—customer marketers often have a shortage of content. Sales people are constantly asking for case studies in specific industries, or competitive proof points, or ROI stats and marketers can’t deliver relevant assets.

Customer content generation platforms enable marketers to produce elegant, branded customer content assets at scale—testimonials, case studies, statistical proof points, and reports. These platforms work well when you have a larger user base of at least 400+ individual users/customers to capture feedback from (via a survey). If you do have a larger user base, the one-to-many approach of capturing feedback and building content can be a great way to quickly build a library of customer evidence and proof points across industries, products, regions, company sizes, and personas. Some vendors publish hundreds or even thousands of snackable assets in minutes, where it would traditionally take months.

Customer content generation platforms


Started in 2020, UserEvidence is a SaaS application used by Bill.com, GitLab, Showpad, Drift, Wrike, and  and more to proactively capture feedback from happy customers at opportune moments in the customer journey, and turn that feedback into an arsenal of beautiful, verified marketing content (testimonials, reviews, statistical evidence, charts, case studies).  Marketers can instantly build libraries of hundreds of content assets and proof points across industries, personas, company sizes, and regions, while also identifying customer advocates willing to do videos, take sales calls, and give referrals.  UserEvidence can also automatically route happy customers to review sites like G2, Gartner Peer Insights, TrustRadius, and Capterra. Learn more about UserEvidence by reading their reviews on G2.

G2 Score: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Check out UserEvidence’s full Research Library to see how your organization can leverage customer evidence into lead conversions and revenue growth.


Started in 2008, and acquired by SurveyMonkey (now Momentive), TechValidate by Survey Monkey helps marketers identify customer advocates at scale and leverage the voice of their customer base. This software helps you turn customer feedback into pieces of content like case studies, testimonials, statistics, and more. By allowing sales and marketing to obtain social proof at scale, they are better equipped to prove efficacy and back up their claims with real and accurate data. This platform will also help build trust between your company and your buyers, earning their loyalty. Check out TechValidate on G2 to learn more.

G2 Score: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Final Thoughts

A customer content generation platform can make a huge impact if you have a larger user/customer base (at least 400+ individual users). Automating content creation at scale can help free up time and resources for customers to focus on the higher-value advocacy activities that can’t be automated or templatized (e.g. Customer Advisory Boards, in-depth case studies).

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