300 Customer Evidence Points and 90 G2 Reviews: How UserEvidence and Postal Combined for Success

Having an engaged and enthusiastic customer base is crucial for business success—I think you would agree. However, getting your customers to participate in surveys and share feedback can be…quite challenging. Less than 10% of consumers actually leave unprompted feedback, yet customer reviews can increase conversions by a whopping 270%.

So how do you get your customers to leave sincere feedback to boost your conversion rates? That’s where Postal and UserEvidence come in.


Combined, they are revolutionizing how businesses interact with their customers to reach new heights.

A New Era of Customer Evidence

With this new approach, you can easily collect a wealth of customer evidence. How? By offering personalized incentives from local businesses combined with UserEvidence’s easy-to-use surveys and platform features, you can quickly generate genuine customer evidence-proof points with ease. 

For this particular campaign, the incentive used was locally sourced chocolate bars from Sweeter Cards. By sending out customized UserEvidence surveys, Postal was able to break through the digital noise and stand out in the inbox. 

The results (as you can see in the title) were incredible. Luckily for you, Postal has revealed the secret behind their success in generating hundreds of customer evidence points with UserEvidence in their latest blog post. 👇

Read the Postal Play-By-Play

Final Thoughts

Check out the entire play-by-play to explore how Postal’s marketing team utilized Postal and UserEvidence to generate 300 customer evidence points and 90 G2 reviews. You’ll also find tips on how you can replicate these results for your own business within the powerful UserEvidence platform

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