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It’s not enough to be customer-focused when creating a customer advocacy strategy! Learn to use this approach instead.

Why Your Customer Advocacy Strategy Shouldn’t Only Be Customer-Focused

You read right, this isn’t some clickbait switcheroo here. When adopting a customer advocacy strategy, many businesses will often say they are super “customer-focused” or “customer-obsessed” as a declaration of just how much value they strive to add to their dear customers’ shopping experience. And though these terms and others like it may be used interchangeably with the smallest degree of nuances,

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Overwhelmed by the number of customer marketing software out there? Here’s 4 things you should consider before buying.

Leveling Up Your Customer Marketing Software? Here are 4 Points To Consider.

Just 3 years ago, 90% of marketers evolved their digital marketing strategies in response to a rapidly changing world. 

The economic and social turbulence of the time set the marketing scene aflame with new challenges—but also birthed new software that aimed to stamp out the fires. The problem now? There’s more customer marketing software out there than there are canceled Netflix shows (RIP Archive 81 😥).

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Using customer advocacy is key to staying competitive in any industry. See how it can increase your retention, attract new customers and other benefits.

5 Reasons Your Marketing Strategy Needs Customer Advocacy

Nowadays, it takes more than freebies and discounts alone to get your customers to click the “buy now” button. Between bad actors trying to steal your customers’ credit cards and inflation dealing a heavy blow to their bank accounts—people are clutching their pocketbooks tightly, now needing more compelling reasons to part with their cash than ever before. Getting people to believe in the value you offer starts with gaining their trust via customer advocacy. 🚀

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No more scrambling to find volunteers. Let Customer Advocates do the heavy lifting for you.

New Release! The UserEvidence Platform Now Includes Customer Advocates

Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to find and chase down customers willing to share their customer success story?

Without the right tools, collecting and compiling customer success evidence is time-consuming and tedious. If you’re experiencing these challenges, your customer advocacy pool is likely small and insufficient. To create a larger audience of customer advocates, you need a proactive and easy way to garner and identify volunteers willing to share their success stories.

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New Release! The UserEvidence Platform Now Includes Intuitive Content Tagging

Are your customer testimonials and social proof points scattered across point solutions and outdated folders in your company’s shared drive? Yeah, we thought so. 🙄

This disorganization causes friction and makes it difficult to search for and find customer evidence, including success stories across industries, personas, use cases, and company sizes. Not to mention, spending hours trying to locate and update content assets slows down marketing and sales productivity—we understand the struggle.

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