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Customer Evidence: Your Guide to Winning Over Today’s B2B Buyers

B2B buyers are doing more and more of their own research throughout their buyer’s journey, and it’s up to sales and marketing to keep up with their appetite for content. Today’s buyers (mostly millennials – a majority of the workforce today) aren’t too keen on speaking with sales reps early on, with 44% of millennials wanting a seller-free buying experience. With this in mind, marketing and sales teams must adjust their strategies to reach these buyers with impactful and persuasive content during their research. Luckily, they can cater to today’s buyers by infusing customer evidence into their collateral.

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Discover 8 of the top gifting platforms on the market today and learn how they can improve participation rates in your customer advocacy programs.

8 Gifting Platforms to Amplify Your Customer Advocacy Strategy

A relatively new space, gifting platforms have blown up in the past few years, especially in the wake of the work-from-home transition brought on by the pandemic. As it gets tougher for sales and marketing teams to cut through the noise with email, gifting platforms offer a way to demonstrate that your customers aren’t just receiving automated messages. By facilitating the sending of physical gifts (you can get really creative—margaritas, chicken pot pies 🥧, even baby toys), potential buyers and existing customers alike will feel valued and appreciated, all while their loyalty to your organization grows.

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Dive into what makes these 7 sales content asset management technologies effective and discover which would be beneficial for your enterprise.

7 Must-Know Sales Content Asset Management Technologies

A big part of the job for customer marketers is creating customer content assets - case studies, testimonials, customer videos, social cards, logo slides, ROI calculators, etc. However, you can create all of the content in the world, but it won’t deliver value unless that content is actually being used and consumed by the sales team and other departments, and making its way out in front of prospects’ eyeballs.

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Learn what the voice of the customer is and discover how you can leverage it to convert B2B buyers.

Voice of the Customer: What it is, Why it’s Important, and How to Do it Right

80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information from a series of articles rather than an advertisement. Today’s B2B buyers guide their own customer journey and are generally distrustful of branded collateral, preferring to do their own research rather than engage with sales teams. Why? Because this generation of B2B buyers are millennials. We know… that fact makes us feel pretty old too… 🤯

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In collaboration with Captivate Collective, we categorized all vendors in the customer marketing/advocacy ecosystem in a customer marketing landscape.

An Exploration of the Customer Marketing Technology Landscape in 2022/23

The field of customer marketing is growing in importance, and with this growth comes innovation. According to LinkedIn, customer marketing is the #3 fastest growing job in the United States. As a result, we’ve seen lots of new products and technology catering to the customer marketer pop up in the last several years. While this is great, it’s difficult to make sense of which products do what and how they overlap, complement or compete.

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Discover why your product-led business should implement customer marketing and learn how effective customer evidence can prove your product’s value.

4 Major Benefits of Customer Marketing for Product-Led Businesses

Marketing strategies have adapted and changed to fit the demands of today’s buyers. Product-led businesses have especially had to shift their focus as buyer preferences change. Nowadays, customers make purchasing decisions based on reviews, testimonials, and more. In fact, 72% of customers won’t make any buying decisions until they’ve read reviews! Luckily, product marketing teams can actually use this to their advantage. How, you might ask? Two words: customer marketing.

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