Customer Evidence: Your Guide to Winning Over Today’s B2B Buyers

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B2B buyers are doing more and more of their own research throughout their buyer’s journey, and it’s up to sales and marketing to keep up with their appetite for content. Today’s buyers (mostly millennials – a majority of the workforce today) aren’t too keen on speaking with sales reps early on, with 44% of millennials wanting a seller-free buying experience. With this in mind, marketing and sales teams must adjust their strategies to reach these buyers with impactful and persuasive content during their research. Luckily, they can cater to today’s buyers by infusing customer evidence into their collateral.

Customer evidence is a persuasive form of content that communicates the value of your product through the voice of your customer (VOC). This content includes testimonials, social proof points, data, customer success stories, and reviews. With more B2B buyers guiding themselves through their own buyer’s journeys, customer evidence bolsters engagement by establishing the credibility of your brand and showcasing your product’s value. Read on and be sure to download the full guide, Customer Evidence: The Ultimate Guide for Winning Over the B2B Buyer in 2023 and Beyond, for a masterclass in customer evidence.

Discover How to Leverage Customer Evidence to Win Over Today’s B2B Buyers

By providing helpful tips and examples, our guide will arm sales and marketing teams with the knowledge they need to leverage customer evidence successfully. In our guide, you’ll discover how customer evidence enables you to:

  • Add credibility to your brand and business
  • Prove product efficacy and ROI
  • Establish your business as a reliable source
  • Inspire buyers to take action toward making a purchase
  • Build a wide-ranging library of customer content full of customer proof points and success stories

Our guide provides an in-depth breakdown of each aspect of customer evidence, including what it is, how to use it, and how to apply it to every stage of the buyer's journey. The guide also details the benefits of customer evidence, as well as the best practices for collecting, reviewing, and sharing it.

Download the full guide today and discover how you can garner best-fit leads and increase conversions with customer evidence!

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